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Sukrutham Seva Nilayam

Presently, Sukrutham Sevanilayam is a home for 25 mentally disabled persons from economically disadvantaged families facing different types of mental retardations. The inmates are providing holistic as well as remedial treatments to minimize the difficulties arise out of the illness and are provided with healthy and nutritious food to improve both mental and physical health as well as immunity power.

Sukrutham Rehab Institution

Sukrutham rehab institution is a multi disciplinary assessment and therapeutic intervention Center for all age groups, especially the early age interventions for the children at the age group of 0-8 involving assessments in speech & language, neuro cognitive, behavioral, sensory, integration, learning and educational, skills, special education and interventions of speech therapy..

Gayathri Vidhya Mandir Inclusive School

The ultimate aim of this inclusive school education project is to establish a well-equipped infrastructure and to provide quality education while ensuring that all students, regardless of their backgrounds, abilities, or circumstances, equal opportunities to learn and succeed.

Sukrutham Annadanam

In association with Seva Bharathi Changanacherry, Sukrutham Charitable Trust Has been Providing  free food service to the patients and bystanders in Government Hospital, Changanassery since 2014. On special occasions like Onam, Christmas, Deepavali, Vishu etc special feast is conducted in the hospital with the help of hospital authority. Beneficiaries 40,000 are around people.

Sukrutham Swasthya Jeevan

Free medical camps are set up with a sacred aim to bring awareness the deprived population of the state who have no access to basic healthcare services or knowledge about the diseases they are suffering from. So, medical camps provide free medical advice, medicines to the unfortunate people and referred for specialised treatment or surgery whenver it is required. These camps make sure people are getting the healthcare at the right time, and consulting the doctor early enough before a small health problem turns serious.


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Sukrutham Jyothirgamaya

Sukrutham Jyothirgamaya is a program to help the children to continue their education which was affected by the economic or other adverse conditions. To encourage children to go to school, they are provided with uniforms, books and other study materials and if needed food too. Meritorious students are felicitated with scholarships and endowments.



Sukrutham Annayojana

 As an extension of humanitarian activities, Sukrutham Annayojana, provides 5 kg rice per person among widows, terminally ill persons, orphans, abandoned and helpless senior citizens on monthly basis, in and around Changanassery municipality