Sukrutham Charitable Trust

Gayathri Vidhya Mandir Inclusive School


GAyatri Vidhya Mandir

The ultimate aim of this inclusive school education project is to establish a well-

equipped infrastructure and to provide quality education while ensuring that all

students, regardless of their backgrounds, abilities, or circumstances, have equal opportunities to learn and succeed.

Main Objectives

  • To provide quality education and ensure that all children in the community,regardless of gender, disability, socioeconomic status, or ethnic background, have equal access to education.
  • To develop well-equipped Infrastructure facilities to make them accessible and conducive to learning for all students, including those with disabilities.
  • To Improve the overall quality of education in rural schools by providing well-trined teachers, adequate learning resources, and a supportive learning environment
  • To develop an nclusive curriculum and implement a curriculum that is flexible and inclusive, catering to the diverse needs of students, including those with disabilities.
  • To establish Community-Based Support Services system local organizations and service providers to offer additional support services, such as health care,nutrition, and counselling, to students and their families
  • To develop a sustainable plan for the continued success of inclusive education initiatives in the long term, including securing funding and community buy-in.